Leendert van der Pool

Leendert's Artwork

Leendert's artwork is divided into the following themes. Examples of each of these themes are displayed on this website.

Local storefronts often create colorful memories of travel to distant lands. These oil paintings represent shops in France, Portugal and England, and are part of an ongoing series. see gallery
Ellis Island, New York
Ellis Island, New York, was the gateway to America for 12,000,000 immigrants between 1892 and 1954. The Ellis Island pastel paintings reflect the contradictory feelings of expectation and loss of many immigrants arriving in the New World. The displays of forgotten and abandoned objects from the past at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum served as inspiration for this artwork. see gallery
Windows & Doors
These pastel paintings are based on farm and village architecture in the countryside of Northern France. Often centuries old, these doors and windows show the ravages of time and weather on stone, iron and wood, and represent a small part of the history of France.
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These oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings are based on windows, doors and entrances in France, Poland and The USA.
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Eastern Europe
A two-month bicycle trip around Bohemia (Czech Republic), Poland and Lithuania was the inspiration for nearly 100 watercolor paintings of village scenes, city architecture, and the remains of the "Old World" before the time of the Communists. The face of Eastern Europe is changing rapidly and these images attempt to capture the past before it is irrevocably lost.
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Mourlot, Paris
Imprimerie Mourlot is the oldest lithography press in France, and was the printer of the artwork of many great artists of the twentieth century, including Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Miro and Dali. These drawings and paintings were made during a six month visit to Paris. They show the interior of this vast and fascinating printing plant with its historic presses, its piles of litho stones, and its unique atmosphere.
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Money Paintings
This series of finely detailed oil paintings is part of an on-going project to transform rare 19th and early 20th century currency into still life compositions. These paintings feature highly ornamented American bills rendered in exquisite detail. All paintings measure 8" x 10" (20 x 25 cm). see gallery
20th arr, Paris
The 20th arrondissement in Paris is an area that attracts few tourists, yet has its own characteristic energy and street-life. This series of watercolor paintings documents two short streets that wind uphill connecting the Boulevard Menilmontant with rue Menilmontant.
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Maritime Drawings
Fifteen years at sea (1960 - 1975), as a member of the Dutch Merchant Navy, served as the primary influence for this series of large-format conte drawings. These images of anchors, ropes and chains, details of ships and figures disappearing into the mist are moody and evocative, representing a time and place as well as a sense of mystery and somberness.
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